That’s a Wrap!

(Final 2013 performance)

This Sunday, UBC danced their final performance of “A Christmas Carol” for their 19th year at UPAC. It’s safe to say that once again, the company has put on an outstanding spectacle. Thank you to everyone who contributed to creating another year of Christmas magic! Refer to this blog for more pictures, and upcoming shows from UBC. We wish you a Merry Christmas. And in the words of Tiny Tim, God bless us, everyone!

Radio Show

This past Saturday, WKNY hosted their annual Radio Show with UBC members to discuss the upcoming show! They were live on the air from 9am-11am, giving listeners the inside scoop about what it’s like take part of such an incredible production. Some guest speakers included artistic directors Quiedo Carbone and Scarlett Fiero, Director/Choreographer Sara Miot, as well as several members of the cast. Listeners were able to call in and ask about the show! We even got a little bit of Christmas Carol trivia. If you missed it, I highly recommend tuning in next year and getting to know UBC!


School Performance (2013)


Today, the cast of UBC’s “A Christmas Carol” had the pleasure of performing for school children grades K-2. The excitement in the theatre was tremendous! All the kids in the audiences were clapping along, and seemed infatuated by the thrill of live theatre. After the show, the performers even went into the lobby to greet the child spectators. Not only were the children exhilarated to meet the cast, but the performers were truly delighted to meet their fantastic young fans. Seeing smile after smile exit the theater in awe is something the cast will never forget! Thank you to all the schools who came and saw the show this morning!